5 Men's Grooming Secrets Of Seduction

Like most men who are starting with or are men's grooming experts, they want to look better, and they want to know exactly how to improve their appearance fast. But why? Build more confidence? Feel better about yourself? Those are all valid and include some of the reasons why there's been a huge surge in men's grooming recently. But heck, let's get to the root. The underlying reason why most men care about grooming is to attract women... or men if that's your style. To each his own. There's no magic pill we can all take to increase our sex appeal. However, there are a few secrets women reveal about men's grooming in order to seduce them. So what are they...
5 Men's Grooming Secrets Of Seduction

1. One of the most important men's grooming care is skin. According to a survey done by AXE, women love when men have smooth skin. It's more important then making a women laugh! I would never have thought so. But it makes sense. Women like what's important to them personally... And they really care about their skin.

To have smooth skin, it's gotta be hydrated. There are a couple techniques. Drink water throughout the day and use a good body wash that will hydrate and exfoliate. I recommend one with natural organic ingredients. Live Clean and Dial brands are my favorite. They do a great job of making your skin soft, smooth, and smell great for hours.

2. Besides using a great body wash, another men's grooming tactic for seduction is your products. Women like when guys use men's grooming products. Nivea, AXE, etc. Whatever you choose, have a product for everything important - skin, hair, lip balm, cologne, deodarant, and good shaving products. Keeping your products neat and tidy for quick and easy use is essential. Women love a guy with a clean place, a nice bathroom, and care for men's grooming.

3. Men's hair removal - you've gotta get with it. Men's grooming thrives on hair removal. The well-groomed man of today takes care of his excess hair. Women find men with short hair more attractive. And if you're one of those guys... those gangster guys... or latin lovers... this is gonna blow you away. The AXE survey says only 7% of women are more likely to date the "hairy guy" with the bad boy image. Women are seduced by well-groomed men who shave - lucky for you because you're reading this. So be clean, well-groomed, and don't show off the chest hair. It ain't in.

4. Moisturize - Another survey of women concerning men's grooming reveals that over 1/3 of women are really attracted to men who use skin moisturizers. People can tell, especially women, when men use skin lotion.

For example, I've personally found Nivea Face Cream For Men (with Q10) gives you a radiant look. It takes away any fine lines and brings out your facial features. As nearly all women use lotions, they can spot a man who uses face cream. So use it! Good men's grooming requires this. Face cream will prevent wrinkles, fine lines and keep you looking young.

5. The final men's grooming secret of seduction is taking care of your eyebrows. Take a look at pictures of popular celebrities, male models and the like. I suggest getting them professionally done. A men's spa, or even a female waxing shop will gladly do it. Women notice a man's face. It really sticks out to them. Doing your eyebrows is even more important than your hair style. It's rare that a women will notice your texturized and modern hair style. A lot of players get away with shaved heads and well done eyebrows.

So there you have it. 5 men's grooming secrets to take your sex appeal way up and seduce whomever you wish.
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