Hair is part and parcel of everyone’s life men and women alike.  While having hair to some is a great blessing, there many who prefer to stay without hair at all. For most people the unwanted hair is what nags them and they try every way possible to get rid of it. When one chooses to get the unwanted hair removed, you should know that there so many method that are available to remove hair.  There are temporary methods as well as more permanent solutions. The temporary methods reduce the hair up to the skin level while the permanent ones remove the hair from the root. The choice will be entire yours depending on the results that you intend to achieve.

hair removal methods

Some of the most common hairremoval methods that are used all over the world include;
Creams: These are depilatory creams that serve as temporary hair removal methods. They are responsible for removing the hair up to the skin surface. These creams are available from different manufactures. When you decide to pick a depilatory cream, you should consult a dermatologist to ensure that your skin will not react negatively to the cream that you choose to use. You can test it by applying on a small part of your skin and see how it reacts.

Hair removal Waxing

Waxing: Waxing is considered to be a very painful hair removal method. The process normally uses hot wax which is applied on the skin surface with unwanted hair and a piece of cloth is laid on top. After a while the cloth is pulled and it comes off with hair that is pulled from the root. When waxing is done, the hair will grow back in about a month or so. It is also considered to be temporal and it is best done at a spa salon.

Hair removal Shaving
Hair removal Shaving

Shaving: Shaving has been in practice since time immemorial. This is literally cutting hair as low as the skin surface. This is common between men and women and most people think of it as an efficient and cost effective method. However, some people have some very sensitive skins and would therefore be irritated if they do not find the perfect shaving cream to soothe their skin. Hair grows back in about two weeks.

Hair removal Electrolysis
Hair removal Electrolysis

Electrolysis: This is among the permanent hair removal methods. The truth is that this process is painful and can be very uncomfortable. Needles are used and they go to the root of each and every hair follicle and cause a permanent damaged in that hair can never grow back. Modern technology has made is less painful but there is still some aspect of pain.
Laser Hair Removal: The laser hair removal is the most fast and effective among the permanent hair removal methods. The process will take about 7 sessions that are spaced in 4 to 8 weeks depending on the amount of hair being removed. Both men and women can use this method and will get absolute results.

These are the basic and most popular hair removal methods. You should pick one that suits your needs and be sure to consult a professional expert before trying out any method.