You are rocking your waves since yesterday, or maybe even for a couple of days, but now you need them to look picture-perfect for a photo or special occasion. There's virtually no time to go home regarding your shower or run into the salon, so what happens?

Step 1.

A person leave the house, ensure that you have a mini bottle of dry shampoo with your purse for emergency situations. Shake the bottle then spray (at a couple of inches distance) around the hairline then the root beginnings. Use your fingers to distribute the powder, making sure it digests properly leaving no residue, then shake your head, and even throw in several hair flips for extra volume.

Step 2.

Wrap a 3cm section of hair around your index finger and hold for 30 seconds as you spritz it with hairspray or, if you're lucky and can find one, blast some hot air onto your hair using a blow-dryer (a hand dryer can also work). Repeat with the rest for this hair. It won't act as well as curling irons, but it'll give you the temporary wavy definition several for a sizzling photograph.

Step 3.

The organized among you could happen to have thought ahead and brought shine-enhancing spray or serum. If the latter, only use a very small pea-sized amount, distribute between your palms, and gently sweep your hands over and down nice hair without pulling the waves out. Remember to wash your hands after!

Step 4.

The last step for an instant boost of volume on your own hair is a simple, good old-fashioned hair film!
Stylist's tip
If there's no method to save the waves, test switch things up and pull your hair into a tousled updo, making essentially the most of the remaining texture in your hair.
Get ready to pose, and.... "Cheese!"