The biggest fashion elements for 2016 are lace textures, billowing sleeves, bohemian styling and 70's shapes. Bright, striking make-up is back, and red lips are particularly big news. A long and lean silhouette will set you on trend, so you'll want your crowning glory to complement your look.

Here are five of the hottest ways to wear your mane in the coming year:

Big Hair – Embrace Your Curls

You can put away your straighteners this year and celebrate the fact that your curls are the envy of straight-haired fashionistas worldwide! It's all about how you take care of your precious locks. For your voluminous curls to look their bounciest best, they need protection and pampering with high quality products.
Harsh shampoos will strip your curls of the natural moisture that makes them shine, so go for conditioner-washing, also known as the 'curly girl method'. This involves not using shampoo at all – just a good quality hair conditioner that is suited to your hair type and texture. If your scalp becomes oily, wash your hair with a gentle, protein-rich shampoo as rarely and as sparingly as you can.
Never brush your curls when dry, unless you want instant frizz! Detangle your hair only when it's semi or completely dry, using a wide-toothed comb and moving from the bottom up. If you are short on time and must blow-dry, use a diffuser and plenty of heat-protectant spray. Carry a cream-based softening products in your purse to maintain the gleam.
Hairstyles with a Middle Part
We love a middle part with loose, wavy hair, and this look has been a staple on the runways for Spring 2016.
To create a loose wavy texture in your hair, mist your damp tresses generously with heat protectant spray and roll them in sections on a thick-barreled curling iron. When all the sections have cooled, shake them out and scrunch through some styling wax to tousle your locks and to add texture.Trace out a hair part and smooth to frame your face.
Power Braid
Braided hair has been huge this past year and the trend is set to continue in 2016. A gorgeous chunky long braid is a perfect style for work or for glamorous events, and it's oh so easy to create.
Simply pull back tangle-free hair into a high ponytail, secure with a covered band (wrapped with a strand of your hair to add extra polish to your look) then braid. As you near the ends, dip your fingers in some firm-hold gel and you'll find that your hair won't need a second band to hold the ends. Smooth some gel down the whole braid to add shine and keep flyaway strands in place.

Top Knot
Another of our favorite hair trends from 2015 that's still big, and hotter than ever. From a glossy, red-carpet updo to an everyday, messy topknot, this style is quick and easy to achieve. It suits women of any ages, plus it's super-on trend for 2016.
The most elegant topknots can be created using a padded "donut" roll under the hair, for additional volume – à la J-Lo – or go for a simple, neat bun that screams Librarian Chic.
If you don't have time to wash your hair, just spritz some dry shampoo over the roots of your hair to soak up the grease and grime, rake up all your hair and secure it into a disheveled topknot using a scrunchy.

If you're worried about looking too severe, add a hair ornament and/or tease down a few tendrils before spritzing your mane with hairspray.
Wet Look Hair Sleek
This super sleek hairstyle is perfect for an ultra-glamorous evening, yet it looks cool, futuristic and effortless. It works best on straight or wavy hair that is at least shoulder length.
Work a tiny amount of high-shine hairstyle gel through your clean, dry hair and comb back the tresses. Don't use too much product in the beginning, or it may build up at your roots and make your hair look very greasy. You want the shine everywhere but the roots for this to work. You can always add more gel if required. Finish with a high gloss hairspray.
This style demands perfectly groomed eyebrows and suits dramatic, smoky eye makeup.